About the Hub

THE DELTA COMET ARRIVES: At last, the Smart Delta Comet is here!

About DS-Innovation Hub:
The DS-Innovation Hub is the ultimate experience and world class destination for new knowledge-centered innovation and adventure in creativity. It is desirous to be positioned and acclaimed as professionally designed knowledge architecture and technology focused platform. The IHub is a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Platform for the promotion of Technology innovation and creativity.
The IHub is accredited through peer review, as the first Knowledge-Innovation and Science & Technology Park in the South-South of Nigeria. It is located in Asaba – the capital city of Delta State. This Innovation Hub is classified as the metropolis of smarter ideas, creativity and a distinct catalyst for new thinking, values, renewable entrepreneurial leadership and constructive governance.
The DS-Innovation Hub is a disruptive technology platform for re-engineering the blueprint for smarter processes, more effective leadership and governance for inclusive public service.
The IHub will provide expertise on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy roadmap and implementation strategy advice on new processes and emerging approaches; from conceptualization, application and usage of Information and Communications Technology to respond to challenges and drive innovative solutions at all levels of engagement.

Objectives of the Hub
Our focus amongst others is to build High-Technology Innovation Capacities, encourage disruptive technology processes, retool the workforce and develop a creative capacity of new-thinkers and skillful doers:

Empower leadership with critical knowledge for impactful governance

Providing Go-to-business Innovation mentoring to support start-ups and entrepreneurial aspiration in the commercialization of new ideas and products.

Create standards to improve confidence and trust in Stakeholders, ensure effectiveness and job security

Improve efficiency, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Empower public service players and action-owners with functional strategies.

Apply effective, innovative techniques to engage challenges and deliver goals on time.

Scale up proven, successful innovations across our faculties.

Apply inclusive strategies to accelerate effective policy responses by policymakers.

Motivate and empower Stakeholder to improve productivity and enhance growth.

Establish guidelines for effective monitoring mechanism to enhance quality assurance.

DS-IHub club membership

Membership is open to members of the Hub. Advantages of being a DSI-Hub Club Member include access to the Hub's Hangouts, Career Mentorship, Chase the Dream Competiton and lots more.