We present to you the DS-IHub world class E-Government Academy. Every society or sector requires information and communication between people which could deeply influence economy and governance of a society. In such an innovation-driven Technology era, E-government represents the key instrumental value –add for the government to set in motion, constructive reforms delivered to all levels of governance.  It is therefore imperative for the government MDAs to ensure systematic integration and alignment of e-government programs with targeted public sector service initiatives required to secure effective co-ordination and productivity of the various governance bodies in charge of defined mandate for implementation.
    The DS-IHub e-government platform is designed to further exploit the value of e-government and innovation to drive change in the public sector. This will be attained by advancing a coherent vision of how they can be applied in their various departments to sustain a more efficient and effective public sector by taking advantage of embedded opportunities of a digital economy and harvest broader societal benefits.
    DS-IHub in partnership with Mobile Software Solutions has the mandate to train, develop and implement e-Governance programs and related application. 
    We are open to train your organization on this interesting and inspiring program. Enroll today and obtain the benefits of our e-government application and solutions




    Today we live in a ‘Software First” world where most technology-driven products and services are strategically dependent on Application Software. DS-IHub Software Faculty and Auto Card Platform deploys qualified Professionals and  highly skilled lecturers  with cognate mentoring experiences at various assignment levels, to engage and deliver quality services, using world-class instruction materials for new and creative technologies such as  JAVA. PHP .NET, SOAP, XML, AJAX, Joomla, Python,  Word press, etc. Our Technology landscape covers a wide range of technologies; from Linux based web solutions to ASP.NET, from MySQL to SQL Server/Oracle, from Visual Basic to C++ based ATL/COM, from PHP to C#, CMS.
    We deliver the assurances to skillfully engage every problem with an innovative solution which addresses competitive and sustainable technology. Our Software Ecosystem focuses on the following critical and disruptive areas: Requirement, specification, Architecture, Design, Documentation, Quality Assurance, Testing, Implementation, Deployment, Project Management and Technical Support. The Faculty also delivers Auto CAD as a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design.



    Innovation is not an option in today’s business world – it’s a fundamental necessity for success. Most people are yet to realize how rapid the digital revolution is and how smart it is breaking down and disrupting social norms and institutions.   These trends are of course mostly technology centric. It has thrown up dynamic companies like Facebook, Uber, Wakanow, Jobberman, Zinox, EasyTaxi, Hotels.ng, Google, Amazon and many more.  In just a few years, technology has changed the face of digital economy and the world. And by extension hundreds of thousands of startups are disrupting old business model.
    The DS-IHub has created an appealing platform (Third place) that allows innovation development and off the market projection. Becoming part of the next DS-IHub Innovation Team will be a great and rewarding opportunity that you will not want to miss.

    We possess the cognate experience and expertise to mentor and assist you with disruptive business models that will reengineer your passion to innovate and bring it to lime light.
    At DS-IHub, we give you a platform to innovate, connect, access and resources that drive your ideas at an unprecedented speed.



    The world of Technology has rapidly changed the way contents are delivered. Multimedia which can be represented in form of flash, video, animation, audio, flash, graphics is now the current method of communicating information because of its potential and most appealing features over traditional text-based  methods. It also offers significant potential in improving effective communication.
    Multimedia has brought life to virtual reality and game development of all sorts for many years.

    There are huge and profitable opportunities for our young people to harness in the field of Multimedia by fully developing their skills in Multimedia development. Multimedia is a powerful way to entertain, inform and market to people through presentations, sales and digital marketing, education, training and entertainment.

    The DS-IHub and Mobile Software Solutions have created world-class strategies for the realization of developing youth capacities with Multimedia technologies and graphics programming and solutions development.



    The future of the emerging world is mobile knowledge! The rapid growth of Internet most especially in Nigeria where we have had rapid increase in Mobile Internet Users Penetration from 23.4% to 46.1% is really an indication that there is need for more local contents from education, entertainment and research for consumption.
    The benefits of E-learning, E-Library and other digital products in any institution cannot be over emphasized. It allows more people to access the content anywhere anytime, reduces cost, faster Delivery methods and more effective learning. Our team of smart engineers with stint knowledge in development will help you manage your library, school, institution and creates a knowledge bank with robust database.
    Mobile Software Solutions in collaboration with other technology solution providers (TSP) have several years of experience in this sphere and deliver proof of concept prototype to all prospective clients. We are open to transform your institution. Feel free to contact us today.



    With the rapid growth of technology and penetration of Internet usage, So many traditional models have not just been disrupted but have been transformed by technological models which is becoming a key method of information capture and processing.
    Computer-based training (CBT) is gain a wide acceptance and latency in the education system. With the numerous benefits that it provides, Students are therefore encouraged to get accustomed with the use of computer for writing exams.
    The CBT practice & Mentoring Centre has been equipped with over 140 computer systems, Microwave Internet connection, Air-conditioned halls and serene environment.
    DS-IHub is open to partner with institutions to help students practice and familiarize themselves with the Computer Based Test (CBT) system being used for any exam.



    High-performing companies have made business process improvement a core competency. These leading firms share a common characteristic: they continually find intelligent ways to improve the process of business process improvement.
    Whether you are a Startup, Established Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Trader etc.,
    one  commanding height that must keep your business moving is the mastery of the disruptive business models and concepts.
    At DS-IHub, we have mastered and deliver concepts and models of business process that will make a difference in your business success. Our Team is made up of international and local experts with many years of broad experience that will champion and train you on the business process that will be creative and enhance your venture or business.
    Business Consultancy is at the apex of our service delivery. We consult for Government, Institutions, Companies and Organization (Delivering Business Process Outsourcing) on strategic processing model for redefining and aligning business and institutional goals for responding to 21st Century challenges and Globalization order.



    Our training program is aimed at developing a community of certified professionals, and providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT products. Whether you prefer the flexibility of self-paced online training, or the structure and interaction of an instructor-led classroom course, there’s an option to suit you.

    Source: Wikipedia.org


    DS-IHUB Oil & Gas Training Faculty offers a World Class Professional Training Certificate Courses in the Field of Oil & Gas Engineering, Product Solutions and Services. This well layered skill competences are delivered in collaboration with Philips Oil&GAS Safety Consulting of New York/USA, Jomik Petrotech Ltd. Nigeria in partnership with RST Training Consult West Africa Ltd. These entities of I-Brain experts have been assembled to play a key role in DS-IHUB project development and delivery network for Oil&Gas. 

    Our focus on Oil & Gas:

    · Introduction to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production activities.
    · Oil & Gas Field Safety Principles and Practices
    ·Deployment of Relevant Software Products and Services
    ·Boosting productivity in Government ministries & parastatals through effective ICT value chain.
    .Environmental impact Analysis of Oil&Gas - Incorporating  Oil Spill impact analysis, Safety, Security and Cleanup procedures.